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Puppy Health History

Copley Brittanys, Robin Tomasi
8958 Newcastle Dr
Middleton, ID 83644

Chance x Vesper Litter

1st shot give at 6 weeks -2/16/2013
2nd shot give at 9 weeks - 3/8/2013

Due at
12 weeks - 3/30/2013
16 weeks - 4/27/2013 **rabies due at this time**

Dewormed - StrongidT
2weeks -1/19, 2/2, 2/16, 3/2


New Puppy Guide

We feed Purina ProPlan Savor Shredded Blend Puppy Chicken & Rice Fx a day

Puppies have been introduced to individual crates.   I put their blankets into the dryer to heat them up prior to placing the puppy in the crate and give them stuff animals purchased at the thrift store (wash them in bleach prior to giving to puppies to disinfect).   If the puppies pee in their crates or decide to be destructive then remove their bedding and toy until they can be trusted again.

All Puppies are vaccinated at 6 weeks & 9 Weeks with Distemper Parvo.  You can opt to add Lepto in at 12 and 16 weeks.   Consult your veterinarian.
We recommend vaccinating your puppies again at 9 weeks , 12 weeks, & 16 weeks.   Give the Rabies at 16 weeks and repeat at 1 year.   We recommend a bordetalla at 16 weeks as well.   Discussion Heartworm medication with your Vet as well.   Depending on the level of ticks & fleas in your area also discuss frontline.  I do not recommend BioSpot.   I have seen too many skin reactions across all breeds. 

All puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks with Pfizer Strongid T (pyrantel pamoate)


All Puppies are microchipped with AKC Companion Animal Recovery Microchips.   This is prepaid and requires no additional fees on your part.   The paperwork does need to be sent in for the dog to be entered into the systems.   You will receive a conformation in the mail.

AKC Registration:
All Puppies will be sent home with AKC papers for you to fill out and send with a $30 registration fee to the American Kennel Club.   I am an AKC Breeder of Merit and it helps me to maintain this status when 100% of my litters are registered with AKC.   Please help me accomplish this by registering your puppy.   The theme of this litter is "Luck"   Please theme your puppies AKC name around the work Luck.   The call name is up to your discretion.
Luck Be A Lady
Lucky Day
Luck Of The Draw
Kiss for Luck
Luck of the Irish
Pot of Luck
Lucky To Be Me

American Brittany Club:
We encourage all puppy buyers to join the American Brittany Club. Membership is $30 per year.
American Brittany Club Webpage
Membership Application

Articles on how to crate train your new puppy:

Puppy Collar:
Center O-Ring Collar in 3/4" or 1"
I purchase mine from Gun Dog Supply and they come with free ID plates
Recommended text for ID plate - your name, phone number, and microchip id
If you place your order please thank them for their support of the American Brittany Club.   They are always very generous of the club, and help us by donating to fundraising events.

We recommend a Vari-Kennel Intermediate for your Brittany
22 1/2” x 32” x 23” High
Sometimes you can find a used crate at a garage sale or


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